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My other blogs

The Human Machine Blog was my first attempt at blogging. I still go there to perform a brain dump periodically. I will slowly begin just posting those thoughts here, except for the more controversial ones. I'll just keep them away from here because I have a tendency to shoot from the hip and not consider my audience. At the time I created this blog, I did not know that there was a web site www.thehumanmachine.com. Obviously, my blog has nothing to do with that site. It just sounded cool in my head.

I host another blog on WordPress.com that has no real direction and doesn't get any hits.I will find a use for it and post some compelling information there. For now, it is just a play ground for ideas and gives me a chance to air some of my more ridiculous notions. To view it, click here: WordPress Blog

Any who, I'm having a grand time presenting my beliefs and thoughts on an unsuspecting audience like you. If you like what you see, whatever you do, don't tell me. It will only encourage me to be more like I am naturally, weird! 

Seriously, if you like what you see, or read, please let me know. I have tons of useful knowledge that I want to share. Either leave a comment, or contact me directly at mel.jones.45@gmail.com and I will reply promptly.

The Real Jones Family Welsh Celtic Roots pod casts are available for all to enjoy and to learn how 15th century Celtic witchcraft has evolved into a modern neo-pagan belief system that I was taught. The pod casts are primarily focused upon my own experiences, but everyone is welcomed to share their stories and feelings growing up in a christian dominated society.